Etna & Surroundings

Mount Etna

The highest and most active volcano in europe

When you’re landing at Catania airport the first thing you see is Mount Etna. The volcano dominates the city and all its surroundings.

In Sicily they call Mount Etna ‘A muntagna’ (the mountain) or ‘Mungibeddu’, from the Latin word Mons and the Arabic word Jebel. Both words mean Mountain.

Etna is the most active volcano in Europe and it’s easy to see its great fire shows even from a long distance. In June 2003 Mt. Etna was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Mt. Etna is one of the favourite destinations for ski lovers.You can glide over its snow-covered sides looking at the sea and at the entire Ionian coast. Mt. Etna offers many activities also during the rest of the year, thanls to the many nature trails within the Etna Park.

Etna what to see

  • Rifugio Sapienza and the cable car
  • Piano Provenzana and ski resorts
  • Rifugio Citelli and birches of Etna
  • Silvestri craters
  • Grotta del Gelo (Ice cave)
  • Valle del Bove

Plan your trip to mt. etna with us

We are a few kilometres away from the main hiking trails! We help our guests organize their excursion on the Mount Etna by giving advice on what to see, on the most beautiful nature trails, or contacting the best expert guides.